I’m a CNC machinist in New Zealand. After getting frustrated breaking one-too-many cheap-and-nasty plastic cheese slices I decided to design and make my own.

I’ve been a machinist for over 25 years and after developing products for other people, I decided it was time to make and sell my own products, and the Titanium Cheese Slicer was the first.

After the Cheese Slicer was successfully funded on Kickstarter, I had another campaign that was successfully funded Рthe Titanium Beads. The inspiration for making these came from wanting to give my daughters a gift to see them off to university. I have recently had another project funded: the Titanium Peeler. I made it due to the demand from backers of my Cheese Slicer project and it was enormously successful!

All the manufacturing for my products is done by me in my factory.

More products and Kickstarter campaigns are yet to come! In the meantime the Cheese Slicers, Beads, and Peelers are available to purchase on this website, with more products to join them soon.

Warren Simpson